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Our publishing programme is broadly divided into two: Regular and Special. Under our regular publishing programme, an acknowledged manuscript (solicited or unsolicited) is assessed for its academic and market potentials. Specialists in the manuscript’s subject area are used and this usually takes quite some time. Only the manuscript that meets our standard is accepted for publication. Such a manuscript is published and marketed at the company’s expense. The author is paid 7-10% royalty of the net amount realised from of each copy sold at the published price. The normal gestation period for a manuscript is nine months. It could be more or less depending on the various factors of production.

Under our special publishing programme, the author bears the total cost of publishing the book. He sends us the manuscript (solicited or unsolicited) indicating the print quantity he would want. The range is usually from 1,000 copies upwards. We then assess the manuscript for quality and ensure that there is no libellous matter in the text. Thereafter, we will send him our quotation to publish a given quantity of the work. If our price is acceptable to the author, he would then make 80% payment of the agreed amount.

The book is then published for the author to collect. The author is free to market his book on his own. The gestation period under our special publishing programme could be as short as four months. We can enter into special arrangement with the author to launch the book if he so desires. We cannot be directly involved in the marketing, as we currently lack that facility.

In all cases, only typeset manuscripts (in hard copy and soft copy) are acceptable. Authors are advised to typeset their manuscripts double-spaced, preferably on A4 sheets and on one face of the paper only. One of the typeset manuscripts should be hand-delivered or sent by registered post. Only the manuscripts received would be acknowledged. While all reasonable care would be exercised over the manuscripts, Feathers and Ink shall not be liable for the loss of manuscripts in transit. The author is encouraged to send us his/her flash drive(s), CD, or DVD together with a hard copy of the work. The manuscript should be on Office 1997 – 2007 or Adobe PageMaker 7.

Pre-Production Preparation: Collation of all material; editorial intervention, (as may be necessary) and preparation of all material for production.

Production: Printing, Finishing and Materials.

As publishers, we would select and organise all material – textual and illustrative; design and layout the pages to result in an overall attractive, reader-friendly book.