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Stage 1

Gathering of Information

This includes: the interviews, relaying of stories, verification of data especially dates, etc. We hope to cover a chapter per day. As such, after the sixteen sessions, we would have completed the interviews. After each interview, the transcripts shall be sent to you via e- mail, preferably before the next interview session.

Stage 2

Synthesis of Information

This is the most challenging aspect of the project as we have to step into the shoes of the author and at the same time faithfully transmit his ideas to the audience. Within this month, we hope to re-write, make adjustments and unite the manuscript.

Stage 3

Sending of Proofs to Author

• The author reads and re-reads the manuscript making the necessary corrections.

Stage 4

Proof Reading

• We effect your corrections

• Proofread and send back to you for your final assent.

• This part will be outsourced to an independent editor in order to eliminate as many errors as possible.

Stage 5

Manuscript should be ready for publishing.