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вид на жительство сша

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Service Package

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Service Package


Interview with the author

• We shall conduct interviews with the author.

• This will form the main source of material for the book.

• These discussions shall be conducted within the first two months, at a time that shall be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

• We will transcript the interviews and write same for the chapters, and with your consent, decide which ones to us for the manuscripts.

• However, the clarification of ideas can take place at any time.



• We would need some pictures for the book.

• At least four photographs per chapter.

• These pictures may be placed either in a photo section (in the middle of the book) or at the end of each chapter.


The Collation of the Manuscripts

• We shall be responsible for the synthesis of the materials made available to us via the above mentioned sources that the author will provide for us.