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Our publishing programme is broadly divided into two: check it out



We work to collate your ideas and transmit them into written words.check it out

Service Package


We select and organise all materials; textual and illustrative.check it out


Interviews, relaying of stories, and verification of data.check it out

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Knowledge and Ideas


Today’s society demands a minimal level of communication skills with which to pass on knowledge and ideas within every given profession. This means that the ability to write to a heterogeneous audience is important for any author but most especially for anyone who wishes to write.


Our work shall be to help in the collation of your ideas and transmitting them into the written word. Thus we hope to assist in the making of your manuscript – ghost writing. Afterwards, if you wish, we can either publish same for you or link you up with a reputable local publishing firm.




Service Packaging

Interview with the author
Our main source of material for the book

We would need some pictures for the book.

Collation of Manuscripts
We are responsible for the synthesis of the materials


Very fast delivery and under budget!

Chris Ogbechie