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Ikenna Ndu's Dancing Needles: a Collection of Poems



Ikenna Ndu's Dancing Needles: a Collection of Poems features poems written over the past twenty years.

Ikenna Ndu, a pediatrician, was born at Nsukka at the end of the Nigerian Civil War to Pol and Alice Ndu. He was educated at Federal Government College Enugu and University of Nigeria. Ikenna writes poetry as a hobby and this will be his first book. Dr Ndu is Catholic and married with three children.


The essence of poetry, like all creative work, is to create or mirror beauty. As such many scholars have compared the poet to a slave of words. In Dancing Needles the poet is possessed by a jealous art. Both the poet and his poems are fiercely in love that it is a bit difficult to separate the artist from his art. Dancing Needles seeks answers to the existential question of being that has resounded down the ages – who/what is man? The collection also peers into life/death, love, religion, politics and the mundane with such sharp imagery.