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Blazing Moon


Author: Nwachukwu Egbunike



“Poetry has a niche in creation, not of its own making, but of the minds and images of humans who give it life, announce its birth in the defining clinic of their choice. Thus, poetry assumes life that others may feel the life thus created. Its colours, its clothing, its food must now be provided not by the creator but by the one who reads the poem. The creators' job is done; their sweat drops are still on the paper, readers must now dry them off or draw the fluid into their veins.

“Blazing Moon is a book that draws you out, strips you naked, and asks you to confront yourself, define yourself and know who you are. There is no room for quibbles, for middle-of-the road stances: you must yourself pick up the gauntlet and fight your own battle of honour, of faith, of self. In this you will confront striking contrasts that paint human follies in the garb of lifting sanctity: thirsty, loves the drought; hungry, loves the famine; the contents though spilled, yet never exhausted. You would be telling yourself, I know a story like that.

Blazing Moon, what a contradiction, you might say. The moon soft and tender, gentle, romantic like the splash of the waves on the shore: the soothing rain drops on a hot afternoon, soaking in palm wine in the shade of the umbrella tree. Here you confront yourself and define yourself in the world's contradicting metaphors, all living chummy chummy like close friends! Well, Blazing Moon challenges the world that is, takes you to a world you yourself create out of everyday living and brings you home to a kitchen of loving laughter and mirthful grace.

Blazing Moon takes you where you would not like to be that you may discover where you want to be in the same world where you do not want to be. Self is the designer, the creator, the masterpiece of being. That is the joy of Blazing Moon.”

Mark Nwagwu, author of Helen Not of Troy, Cat Man Dew and HelenaVenus


“This collection of engaging work is a somber delight; the perceptive musings of a thinking man living in challenging times. Thoughtful, aware and introspective, Egbunike publicly invites the reader to share in his skeptical penetration of conventional patterns.”

Kola TubosunFulbright scholar, writer and linguist, editor of the NTLiMag and curator of KTravula.com, a travel blog


"This too is poetry, delicate and daring."

Dami Ajayi, author of Clinical Blues


“Here’s a poetic journey from the celestial to the very roots of the poet’s nativity. Most profound are the metaphors that give each verse a sense of identity. Even so, far from the less rhythmic verses and formlessness that has become a banner of sorts in post-modern poetry, this poet draws our attention to the economy of words as one of the primes of poetry. In Nwachukwu Egbunike’s Blazing Moon, poetry is royalty.”

Echezonachukwu Nduka, poet, short fiction writer and essayist


“Nwachukwu has masterfully created an organic mixture from rich multi-cultural tableaux. His use of imagery evokes powerful emotions that probe and search for the essence of being. Blazing Moon reflecting sunlight reveals man’s true face… a stark reminder of what is essential.”


Ikenna Ndu, author of Dancing Needles