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Memoirs of a Village Boy by Christopher Enuke


Memoirs of a Village Boy is the autobiography of a boy from Ndi Akunwanta Uno, Aro Ndizuogu, Imo State. Though the life of this boy started in the village, yet it is a story that spans over four decades in most varying places.

In this story, his story, Christopher Enuke gives the reader snippets of his life, the history of his town and that of his country. With his professional experiences spanning both public and private service, the author bears forth his adventures with precision. Memoirs of a Village Boy is of utmost importance because it preserves a living memory and will serve as a source of reference to a lot of questions.


This is not just an autobiography but also a history book for: the cities of Aba and Ikot Ansa, Calabar; University College Ibadan; Government College, Umuahia; the Federal Census office and the 1963 Census; the Nigeria Biafra War; and Lever Brothers Plc. It is also a tremendous asset to anyone who wants to study the anthropology and early history of the people of Aro Ndizuogu, of South-Eastern Nigeria. It will also be of great benefit to those curious about the developmental history of the Catholic Church in parts of southern Nigeria.