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Sowing the Seed by Albert Alos


The seed you are to sow in many nations will produce abundant fruit; and you will be astonished to the depths of your souls, because the fruits will be out of all proportion to the means we employ, which are very little by comparison.

- St. Josemari­a Escriva, Founder of Opus Dei


On Wednesday, October 20, 1965, Fr. Joseph Gabiola and Jeremy White arrived Nigeria. Early the next day, October 21st, they flew from Lagos to Ibadan to begin the apostolate of Opus Dei in Nigeria.


In Sowing the Seed, Albert Alos recounts his personal memories of the exciting adventures of the first ten years of Opus Dei in Nigeria. Alos narrative spans from 1965 (when the first exploratory visit to Nigeria took place and the first members of the Work arrived) to the 26th of June, 1975 (when St. Josemaria, the Founder of Opus Dei went to heaven).

Sowing the Seed is an act of thanksgiving for the abundant fruit that God has brought out of the small seed that was sown in Nigeria under the guidance and inspiration of St. Josemari­a. 



Albert Alos came to Nigeria in 1967 through the impulse of St Josemari­a, who asked him and others, to start the apostolate of Opus Dei in Africa's most populous nation. He taught Electrical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo, Lagos and Ibadan Universities. He was appointed Professor in 1983. Alos joined the Lagos Business School in 1993. He was the first Dean of LBS and the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of Pan-African University (now Pan Atlantic University). He was appointed Professor Emeritus in 2010. Alos has received several awards in recognition of his professional services to institutions, the Nigerian University System and the nation at large.